Monday, 13 January 2014

21st Century Problems (Extreme poverty)

Extreme poverty all around the world is a great problem right now. many people out there are starving, who lack of clean drinking water. According to statistics, 2 to 3 billion people live in conditions of extreme poverty. Most of these environments have lack of sanitations. The unhygienic surroundings makes the spread of deadly diseases quick, and they might kill a lot of people. Many people might suffer from diseases that kill them, or some that would affect them for generations. Throughout the years, the difference between rich and poor is becoming ever more extreme. More and more people have access to clean drinking water, have healthy and clean food, have hygienic houses to comfortably settle into. However, there are also increasingly more and more people who have not even tried to drink a drop of pure clean water. More and more who have not are one full course meal in one single day.

Many charities and movements exsists to help out the people suffering from extreme poverty. There are people who donate a huge sum of money to these people to provide shelter, clean water, clean food etc. Many people has also gone to those people to help them clean up the place, fix a clean water filter into their water source etc etc.

These children are food deprived. 


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