Saturday, 12 April 2014

Finalised Research Topic

The Effect of Acid Rain on Plants in the Equatorial Rainforest

As our research advanced, we realised that we did not have that much time to collect and grow plants from the equatorial rainforest to experiment on them. Also, we did not have the financial capability to buy and purchase such plants. Thus, as a result, we decided to experiment on green beans, a plant which is more affordable and available everywhere. Furthermore, it DOES grow in equatorial countries. To satisfy everyone's constant asking of the question, "Why only experiment on one plant?" I would like to redirect your attention to this blog post. In our Research Topic, it is clearly stated that we want to investigate THE EFFECT OF ACID RAIN on plants in the Equatorial Rainforest. As such, we are more concerned on the EFFECT of acid rain on plants and not the DIFFERENT EFFECTS ON DIFFERENT PLANTS. I hope this clears that up.

(Cherry, 2014)
(Sue, 2012)


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