Saturday, 12 April 2014

Initial Failures

During the project, we faced a couple of initial failures that In the beginning, instead of letting the beans germinate in dark, we put all of them under direct glaring sunlight. This caused moulds to grow on the cotton and around the seeds, preventing some of them from growing.

So we learnt from our mistake and planted a whole new set of beans; this time in the darkness [in the cabinets in classroom]. But yet some of the beans did not germinate for they were already dead. We instead of planting only 15 seeds, this time we had 24, filling up the entire Ferrero Rocher box. Thus, we had a greater chance of having more germinated beans to be experimented on.

(Watering the seeds)

We grew beans in trays with partitions to seperate the different beans which we watered with different ph-level water


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