Saturday, 12 April 2014

Things we have gone through as a group

Throughout this project, we have faced many challenges, one of which was when we were not able to agree on the same thing. We could not make a decision on what type of plants we should base our experiment on and what kind and how much acid was needed for our project. This led to many disputes and debates on our different opinions. Finally, after much discussion and the help of internet resources, we could finally come to the conclusion that using sulphuric acid with the difference of 0.002 molars for each solution of acid was the best choice. We also decided that green beans was the most efficient and fair way to find out about the effects of acid on plants. Although we had many disputes among us, we were able to put them aside and did our best to complete our work while keeping the importance of this project in mind. This helped us concentrate on what we were doing and it set us on a mindset to complete our work with high quality and efficiency.


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