1. Introduction

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.(Wikipedia, 2014)

Pollution is a major factor which causes many problems in today's world. It causes many different problems such as air pollution, water pollution, acid rain and many more. 

One of the negative effects that acid rain has on the plants is that due to the rain, the acidity of the soil increases. As some plants are not adapted to grow in soil that is acidic or too alkali, they might wither and die, diminishing possible food supply. On the other hand, a possible positive effect is that other plants that grow better in acidic soil will flourish in these rainforests, making up for the deforestation that goes on. 

We are doing a research on the effects of acid rain, which is one of the major factors in pollution, on plant growth by planting green bean seeds and observing their growth rate as we water them daily with different concentrations of sulfuric acid. The green bean seeds will be grown to seedlings first before we start the experiment.


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