5. Conclusion

5.1  Summary of findings
The more acidic the growing medium of the beans, the slower the rate it grows. According to our collected results, the plants that received a dilution of 0.001 molar of acid grew most by the end of the experiment. However, the plants that received a dilution of 0.007 molar of acid decreased in height and even one of the plant died at the end of the whole experiment. With this, we could conclude that acid does heavily affect the growth of plants, and worse, kill them. 

5.2  Areas for further study
Further study can be done on a larger scale, with more plants and over a longer period of time.

We can also further study crops, and how farmers can easily identify if the crops are dehydrated, over-watered, under fertilised, etc. by an equipment that allows them to observe their crops from above.


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