4. Discussion

4.1  Key findings
From the data collected, it was clearly found that the acid does affect the growth. In fact, the plants that were growing in 0.007 molar decreased in height as the days passes. The more acidic the water given, the slower rate the plant grows, compared to the plants that were given neutral pH which grew taller as the days pass by at a quicker rate than the other plants that were given acidic water.

4.2  Explanation of key findings

A huge number of protons are used and to allow cellular processes to occur. The pH changes are caused by an increase of protons in the cytoplasm of the cell. Although there are substances such as organic acids to maintain the necessary pH range, unmaintained pH levels would cause damage in structures which would lead to failure of processes and functions in the cell.

4.3  Evaluation of hypothesis 
Hypothesis 1: The beans watered with the most diluted sulfuric acid would grow better than the beans watered with normal water as slight acidity (pH between 6.0 and 6.5) in the soil is good for the green bean plant.
This was proven to be false. Our findings showed us that the beans watered with normal water still grew the most, one and a half centimeter on average per day. Compared to the beans watered with the most diluted sulfuric acid, which only grew one centimeter per day on average.

Hypothesis 2: The beans watered with water would still grow the best followed by the beans watered by the most diluted sulfuric acid.
This was proven to be true. We observed that with the highest dilution, they grew better than the rest as the more the acid is given to the plant, the more depleting the growth of the plant.

4.4  Areas for improvement 
There are a few thing which can be improved on.
At our first try, not many of the seeds germinated. Thus we were unable to conduct the experiment. We would let the seeds germinate in our own homes, where we would be able to monitor the growth consistently. We will then bring the seedlings to school to start testing.


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