2. Methods

Our plan is to find out the effects of different dilutions of sulphuric acids on the growth of plants. The factor that we will be testing: High to low amount of acidity diluted with water.

Materials Needed
100 or more green bean seeds
Pots to grow the beans
Sulfuric Acid
Measuring cups/syringe
Containers for separate dilution of the sulfuric acid solution
Macbook to record data

The experiment will take place within period of two weeks(not including time for germination), in a stable environment(someone's home). We will split the beans into five groups of 20 plants each to be observed on their growth during our experiment. Each group will be subjected to a solution with a dilution level of 0.001molar, 0.003molar, 0.005molar, 0.007molar, and one control, labeled as groups A,B,C,D,E respectively. All 100 plants will be watered with the same volume of water at the same time.

(Dan Bower, Doug Morgan, Koren Phillips, Brett Roeth, 2005)


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